Volkswagen Group of America

The Ivy Community Charities of Prince George’s County, Inc., (Charities) is delighted to

recognize Vicki Miles, Senior Consultant for Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Acquisition for Volkswagen Group of America (VWGoA) located in Herndon, Virginia. VWGoA has committed $10,000 to Charities over two years to support our efforts in Prince George’s County, Maryland. In 2021, VWGoA’s $5,000 funds were used to support the Ivy Village Incubator for Nonprofit Excellence (Ivy VINE). This year, their $5000 sponsorship will be used to support Charities’ programs and services to support youth and families.

VWGoA’s commitment represents a partnership with Charities that results in a win-win for both organizations. As Charities uses the funds to support its community initiatives, we are also working with VWGoA to help them recruit and grow their management ranks within the Black community. VWGoA’s mantra is simple: “We live diversity.” VWGoA is committed to remaining an attractive employer for future generations by offering measures for the management level and the workforce that make the issues of diversity and inclusion visible.

As evidence of that commitment and Charities’ support of VWGoA’s efforts, Charities arranged workshops with undergraduate students of color at the University of Maryland College Park to introduce them to the opportunities that a VWGoA career could afford. Their experienced professional and undergraduate recruitment efforts with Charities are targeted in the areas of business, marketing, IT/computer science, engineering or digital design. As a result of our partnership with VWGoA, Charities has been able to impact students of all ages and will continue to help open doors for qualified and talented men and women of color to achieve their dreams. Thank you, Vicki and VWGoA, for your generosity and your forward thinking vision to widen the pipeline of success for future leaders.