Stand Up and [Charities will] Deliver!

When Charities Executive Director, Cheryl Petty Garnette, received the call from the Office of the County Executive to help with a special program, Stand Up and Deliver, to address food insecurities that were exacerbated by the pandemic, we had no idea what to expect. Stand Up and Deliver is an innovative and targeted solution to build capacity for community-based organizations and small businesses to address the food insecurity and basic needs of our fellow Prince Georgians. Having no idea what to expect did not stop Charities member, Sandra Boatman, from jumping right in and spearheading this tremendous effort that took us all across the County. Each week, we purchased 700 meals from area restaurants to be distributed at area churches, schools and other locations. During the month of June, Charities provided 2100 individuals with hot meals including chicken with vegetable options, rolls and salad and occasionally pizza. In the month of July, we provided 3198 individuals with hot meals. One of the June orders included 250 desserts to front line hospital, Labcorp and Health Department staff, for a total of more than 5500 individuals served over the two months. On July 21st, Charities was asked to make a special purchase because County Executive Angela Alsobrooks was coming to visit the distribution in Suitland. For each order made, Charities keeps 10% of the order as an administrative fee. The funds are being used to support both program and Ivy VINE activities.


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