Parents learn "These 3 Words"

On Saturday, May 6, 2017, Parents On Track welcomed JoVonna Chase, LGSW, who presented the workshop, “These 3 Words”. Her presentation acknowledged how parents want their children to be successful and powerful despite the adversities they face today. Some examples include: Bullying, racism, and colorism. She provided steps to help them achieve this goal. “These 3 Words” are build (construct something large by putting things together over time); word (a piece of information you believe to be true), and power (ability).

She began with an exercise to engage parents by instructing them to write one encouraging word about each other. The goal of this exercise was to teach how affirmative words validate their children and to demonstrate how parents can use word power to build powerful children, “So they can hear our voices in their heads”.

She added, building occurs over time with different components that go together to build the foundation. Our words are in our truth; Speak your absolute truth. She then challenged parents to think how they show children the power of their words and how to empower them.

Ms. Chase acknowledged how parents sacrifice for their children by wearing many different hats. She encouraged them to “compliment yourself’! Parents were asked to write daily affirmations using positive words. She also instructed them to continue to listen to their children because it validates what they are saying because it means something and demonstrates they care.

Parents shared life lessons learned from their parents: One stated, “Teaching people how to treat you”. Another shared, “Choose your friends wisely”.

Ms. Chase asked parents to write a letter to their child(ren) as one way to demonstrate how they show love. She provided stationery; envelopes, and stamps. She also agreed to mail the letter on their behalf.

Parents on Track concluded the workshop by providing parents a “do-it-yourself flower pot planter” to decorate as a symbol to continue to sow seeds into their children based on what they learned as participants of Parents on Track.


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