Miriamm Wright McKinney, Charities' First Deputy Executive Director!

The Ivy Community Charities of Prince George's County, Inc. is excited to welcome Miriamm Wright McKinney who will serve as Charities' first Deputy Executive Director! Miriamm has worked in the nonprofit sector for more than 20 years. She founded the Edith P. Wright Breast Cancer Foundation in 1998 in honor of her mother whom she lost when her mother was 39 years old. The foundation provides support services to underserved families dealing with breast cancer. With an MBA and Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Miriamm served as Chief Financial Officer for a Washington, DC-based nonprofit where she managed more than $2.5 million in grants and contracts. She also recently served on the Charities Board of Directors as its Assistant Treasurer.

In her new role, Miriamm will manage the grants operations of the organization and apply her financial and accounting expertise to monitor and track grant funds awarded throughout the year. She will also assist in the financial stewardship of the organization including planning and approval of the annual budget as well as financial activities associated with the Ivy Village Incubator for Nonprofit Excellence (Ivy VINE).

Miriamm is a talented and gifted songstress with a beautiful spiritual ambiance that exudes authentic love and compassion for our community. In her spare time, she enjoys songwriting, collecting vinyl albums and Barbie dolls, playing board games and painting. We are thrilled to have Miriamm on our team and know that she will help to elevate Charities even further in our journey ahead.


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