HBCU for You

On Saturday February 1st, The Sarah Wise Wooten Young Ladies Academy (SWWYLA) worked together with HBCU For Life to host a workshop about Historically Black Colleges and Universities titled "HBCU for You". The workshop was facilitated by the HBCU for Life Chairman, LaTisha Booth. The workshop began with the girls watching a short video about the importance of HBCU’s and the HBCU experience. The SWWYLA committee members who attended an HBCU shared with the girls why they chose to attend an HBCU as well as the positive impact it had on them. The girls then worked in small groups to research HBCU’s in the local area (D.C. & Maryland) by answering a series of questions about the university. Additionally, they created interactive a 30 second commercial on why to attend the HBCU they researched. The commercials were filled with laughter, knowledge and creativity. In their same groups, the girls actively participated in an HBCU trivia game. They worked diligently to answer trivia questions involving the HBCU experience. Overall, this workshop fostered team building, creative thinking and public speaking amongst the participants and planted seeds of interest into their futures.