Domestic Violence Awareness Month

On October 6th, 2018, Parents on Track welcomed JoVonna Chase, LGSW, social worker, mother, and domestic violence survivor. Ms. Chase ushered in a time of openness and honesty as parents shared and discussed how to protect their children from domestic violence. Parents began by introducing themselves and thinking deeply about who their children are: intuitive, decisive, creative, fighters, stubborn, commanding, leaders, shy butterflies spreading their wings, headstrong, challengers, pensive, caring, funny, and optimistic to name a few. Things became even more interesting as parents grouped together as tangled knots with a guide guiding (or not guiding) them to freedom. This exercise allowed parents to think about how our children need our guidance navigating the “knots” of life like religion, mental health, trauma, school, and relationships. Parents were challenged to consider what type of guide they are and what type of guide their child needs. Ms. Chase rounded out the session by leading parents through a lively discussion of defining relationships-a mutual interaction between yourself or two or more people that provides safety, support, and encouragement with an emotional connection. Also, parents discussed the must-haves, compromises, and non-tolerated of relationships as well as considering how their own children would respond to these questions. Parents reviewed the Power and Control Wheel and Safety Contract and began thinking about ways they would initiate the conversation with their children. In the month of October, as we spotlight the issue of domestic violence, Ms. Chase provided professional and personal insight to help parents begin and continue important conversations that will allow their children to protect themselves against domestic violence.


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