Charities Spotlight: Erica Roberts

Charities is pleased to recognize Erica Roberts, this month’s noteworthy Community Partner. Erica Roberts is a decorated executive and certified “possibilities” coach with an enthusiasm for discovering and realizing potential for others, specifically pertaining to career success and entrepreneurship. During her career as a federal government executive, she amassed an acclaimed portfolio of organizational development solutions. She is known for driving results and heralded for transforming the organizational culture and practices of government agencies. Committed to expanding her impact beyond federal work, in 2016, Erica founded X Is Possible LLC – a personal growth and development consultancy. Through X Is Possible, Erica draws upon 15 years of experience leading change, developing people, and delivering results to guide a budding community of individuals toward overcoming their limitations.

And that is where the paths crossed. Since 2020, Erica has been working with Charities as its Capacity Building Specialist in partnership with the Venture Philanthropy Partners and Fair Chance of the District of Columbia’s Ready for Work Program serving Prince George’s County, Maryland. Charities was selected in 2020 to participate in the County’s third cohort of nonprofits to benefit from the experiences and expertise of coaches like Erica. The opportunity to participate in the program and specifically to work with Erica has been invaluable for the Charities staff, Board and volunteers. Through her “Master Mind” concept, Erica has helped Charities to strengthen its fundraising strategies in support of the Ivy VINE Project as well as develop logic models to ensure the organization’s programmatic platform stays on course through the pandemic. She has offered direction to improve marketing and strategic planning initiatives and opened doors to otherwise unattainable pursuits. Charities is delighted to showcase Erica and to thank her for the tremendous guidance and insight that she has provided to help our organization continue to build a foundation of stellar service for the citizens of Prince George’s County.


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