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The Ivy League Program is a comprehensive, educational enrichment program designed to enhance the academic performance, provide leadership skills, encourage community service and engagement, and enrich the cultural development of youth in Prince George’s County, with specific emphasis in the Landover and Suitland communities. The Ivy League consists of three age-based youth programs and a companion parent support system.


Elementary Engagement

After school program that assists with tutoring, homework assistance, reading enrichment and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) preparation for elementary school students.


Parents on Track 

Offering monthly networking and training opportunities for parents to help them advocate for their children on critical issues related to education, health, finances, government and economic resources.


Middle School Academy 

Mentoring middle school girls through workshops on self-esteem, personal hygiene, human trafficking and sexual abuse, healthy eating and living, team building, etc. along with local and regional field trips to enhance their cultural and academic awareness.



Awarding at least $20,000 annually to Prince George's County high school seniors and continuing college students based on merit and financial need.


High School Enrichment 

Providing leadership and personal development skills for high school students (males and females) through workshops on college and career preparation, social and technological etiquette, dating and social relationships, civic awareness, academic enrichment, financial literacy, etc. as well as field trips throughout the East Coast to enhance their cultural and financial awareness.




This experience is designed to teach each participant the art of cultural and social grace and help prepare them for life after high school.

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