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Deidre N. Jackson, President

Welcome to the Ivy Community Charities of Prince George’s County, Inc.!

As President of The Ivy Community Charities of Prince George’s County, Inc. (Charities), I am proud to represent the 500-plus members of our organization.  In managing Charities, we are here to ensure effective use of our resources, engage the talents of our leaders, and manage our funds to maximize our impact on the citizens of Prince George’s County.  These factors, coupled with the commitment of our members, ensure that we are poised to greatly increase our efforts.

Over the past 28 years, we have made a significant impact on the community by providing services that aim to fill the educational and social gaps created by a changing economic environment. These services include: enhancing educational achievement through tutoring, scholarships, mentoring and social development programs; encouraging healthy lifestyles through health education and sizeable contributions to medical research organizations; supporting families in need through our shoe bank and clothes closets; strengthening linkages in the community by working with elderly residents of a rehabilitation center; and celebrating the arts by exposing youth to fine arts. We are also enhancing our fundraising efforts by garnering increased support from current and new corporate partners.

In 2012, we purchased a facility to house our programs of service.  The Ivy Youth and Family Center will officially open in the Spring of 2015.  We are continuing our capital campaign efforts to ensure that the facility will meet our community outreach and operational needs.

In 2014 and beyond, we will focus our priorities on “Strengthening Families.”   We believe by focusing on this very important initiative, we can successfully change generations to come through our education and support programs. We would love to have you on this journey as “We Strengthen Families” and make an “Incredible” difference in the lives of many Prince George’s County residents.

I am grateful for the leadership of those who served before me and pledge to continue to find the best way to help the citizens of Prince George’s County improve their lives.  I sincerely and wholeheartedly thank the Board of Directors, the Ivy Youth and Family Center’s leadership team, our members and our supporters for believing in the mission and for having the vision that what we do will impact generations to come.